Artificial Intelligence & Consulting Industry

Saturday 10 August, 2019 | Holiday Inn, Aerocity, New Delhi

About the Event


As the world is transforming, so is the client’s needs. Like other industries, the consulting industry is also on the cusp of disruption. Amongst many factors, Artificial Intelligence is one the core factors which will impact this industry like the way consultants work and also their pricing plans. AI certainly change the way we gather data and make decisions. The skill sets may also need to be revamped or upgrade. The operations, data collection methods or the reports will need some changes. People have started to automate routine tasks using AI. It will be interesting to see how AI can contribute in making complex decisions.

This event is an attempt to brainstorm, discuss and come out with some strategies with respect to adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Consulting Industry. Some of the topics which will get discussed are:

Does Human cognitive bias impact the outcome of Business Solutions?

There are many human-driven biases, which occur while doing data analysis and/or making inferences. These biases can be minimized using AI. The efforts from AI experts are to reduce such biases instead of emulating human intelligence mistakes in Artificial Intelligence.

Will AI bring benefits from timely, comprehensive, cost-effective insights?

With the evolution of AI, key functions like human resources, budgeting, marketing, capital allocation and even corporate strategy can be supported for complex decisions. It needs to be seen how these functions will be benefited from AI.

Will it reduce the dependence on external consultants?

Today, a lack of adequate data and variety of data creates dependence on external consultants. Will AI help internal consultants/CXO to get suggested strategies? A great deal of what is paid for consulting services is data analysis and presentation. Will this change in the next few years?

Conference Beneficials

Who can get the benefit from this conference

Partners in Consulting companies

Engineering & Management Consultants

Government Officials managing consulting projects

Independent Consultants

Aspiring Consultants & Senior Industry Professionals

Business Leaders



Dr. Omkar Rai

Director General
Software Technology Parks of India (STPI)

Dr. Omkar Rai is Director General, Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) which is the premier government organization working for the promotion of IT/ITES/ESDM industry in India

Maj Gen Neeraj Bali

Head Corporate Affairs & HR | Rodic Consultants Pvt Ltd

Maj Gen Neeraj Bali is an Indian Army Veteran. He is currently Head Corporate Affairs & HR of Rodic Consultants Private Limited.

Anuradha A

Technologist and Transformation Leader

Anuradha is a senior leader with 28+yrs of Industry experience, has been a Technologist focused on complex enterprise transformation and large Practice building, accelerating business outcomes for clients.

Dr. Avik Sarkar

AI & Data Science Analyst | Indian School of Business

With core strengths of analytics, statistics & machine learning, Avik bring value to identify, architect & implement the appropriate solutions for the specific business need.

Bharti Maan

Machine Learning Expert, Mentor- Entrepreneurial & Innovation Programs

Bharti Maan is a Senior Business leader with 22 + years of proven track record- Capable of operating at both a management level and also rolling up sleeves up to get the job done.

Avijit Gupta

Risk Management Consultant

Avijit is a Risk Management consulting professional with over 25 years of experience across various industry verticals and wide range of clients in the US, Europe, Africa, UAE and India in sectors like BFSI, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare.

Mansoor Khan

CEO | Wavelabs

Mansoor has Experience in diverse functions spanning Strategy, M&A, P&L Mgmt, Business Dev, Sales / Sales Mgmt, Marketing, Product Mgmt & Operations built around strong Business Incubation & Expansion skills

Nishith Pathak

India’s 1st AI MVP | Microsoft Regional Director

Nishith Pathak is India’s 1st and only Artificial Intelligence(AI) Most Valuable Professional(MVP), a Microsoft Regional Director (RD), Lead architect, speaker, AI thinker, innovator, and strategist.

Pankaj Khurana

Partner at PwC India | Technology Aficionado | Berkeley, HaaS

Pankaj Khurana is an industry veteran and a seasoned management professional, with 20+ years of leading industry expertise in managing and turning around multiple large scale transformation driven initiatives

Shivom Aggarwal

Data Scientist | EURA NOVA, France

Shivom serves as the Head of R&D Projects for Eura Nova, a global AI R&D company in Marseille, France. His main research areas include Big Data, Smart cities, cloud computing, knowledge management and deep learning.


Director General- TAIPA | Chairman– ITU APT Foundation of India

T. R. Dua has an experience of over 35 years in the telecom sector which includes all facets of telecom be it Product Development, Business Development, Regulatory issues & Spectrum Management.


President, Broadband India Forum

T.V.Ramachandran has an experience of 22 years in Indian Mobile Telecommunications, is President of the Broadband India Forum and Chairman of the Telecoms Council of the European Business Group, India.

Vinod Sood

Managing Director | Hughes Systique Corporation

Vinod is a veteran of hi-tech software industry, during his career span of 30+ years he has built high performance teams at premier R&D organizations in India.

Ajay Sharma

Founder | Get Me Experts | FlexiOrg

Ajay Sharma is an Industry veteran with 29+ Years of Experience in HR, Business Strategy, Semiconductor and IoT & is a key Driver for concepts like “Experts on-Demand”, Future of Work, Gig Economy, managing performance for project based resources.

Conference Advisors


Rajesh Varkhedkar

Emerging Technology Exper

Ajay Sharma

Founder, Get Me Experts | FlexiOrg

Avijit Gupta

Risk Management Consultant

Dinesh Chand Sharma

Director – Standards & Public Policy
EU Project SESEI

Why is this conference for you?

Stay Ahead of the curve

A perfect platform to understand the new initiatives in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and how consulting companies can take advantage of them.

Find new ways of thinking and problem-solving

This may also help is cross-pollination of ideas between technology experts and consultants to bring out right diagnostic tools for understanding client’s issues.

Strengthen Your Skills

This even may also throw light on new consulting skill sets, which may be required in near future and how to train the new generation of professionals who are interested in seeking career in consultancy.