Artificial Intelligence & Consulting Industry

Saturday 10 August, 2019 | Holiday Inn, Aerocity, New Delhi

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As the world is transforming, so is the client's needs. Like other industries, the consulting industry is also on the cusp of disruption. Amongst many factors, Artificial Intelligence is one the core factors which will impact this industry like the way consultants work and also their pricing plans. AI certainly change the way we gather data and make decisions. The skill sets may also need to be revamped or upgrade. The operations, data collection methods or the reports will need some changes. People have started to automate routine tasks using AI. It will be interesting to see how AI can contribute in making complex decisions.
This event is an attempt to brainstorm, discuss and come out with some strategies with respect to adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Consulting Industry. Some of the topics which will get discussed are:

Does Human cognitive bias impact the outcome of Business Solutions?

There are many human-driven biases, which occur while doing data analysis and/or making inferences. These biases can be minimized using AI. The efforts from AI experts are to reduce such biases instead of emulating human intelligence mistakes in Artificial Intelligence.

Will AI bring benefits from timely, comprehensive, cost-effective insights?

With the evolution of AI, key functions like human resources, budgeting, marketing, capital allocation and even corporate strategy can be supported for complex decisions. It needs to be seen how these functions will be benefited from AI.

Will it reduce the dependence on external consultants?

Today, a lack of adequate data and variety of data creates dependence on external consultants. Will AI help internal consultants/CXO to get suggested strategies? A great deal of what is paid for consulting services is data analysis and presentation. Consultants gather, clean, process, and interpret data from disparate parts of organizations. Will this change in the next few years?

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Why is this conference for you?

Stay Ahead of the curve

A perfect platform to understand the new initiatives in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and how consulting companies can take advantage of them.

Find new ways of thinking and problem-solving

This may also help is cross-pollination of ideas between technology experts and consultants to bring out right diagnostic tools for understanding client’s issues.

Strengthen Your Skills

This even may also throw light on new consulting skill sets, which may be required in near future and how to train the new generation of professionals who are interested in seeking career in consultancy.

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Location and Venue

area full of great hotels and restaurants.

GCDCP organising a conference in New Delhi, which involves various Experienced Consultants and Experts discussing the Artificial Intelligence and its Impacts on the Consulting Industry.


Holiday Inn, Aerocity

New Delhi, IN 110037

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