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Artificial Intelligence in Managing Human Resources

New Delhi

April, 2020

Artificial Intelligence is impacting all functions of businesses and Human Resource function is also getting impacted or rather enriched with AI solutions.

Artificial Intelligence & Consulting Industry

Holiday Inn, Aerocity, New Delhi

Saturday 10 August, 2019

As the world is transforming, so is the client’s needs. Like other industries, the consulting industry is also on the cusp of disruption. Amongst many factors, Artificial Intelligence is one the core factors which will impact this industry like the way consultants work and also their pricing plans.

Gig Economy – Opportunities for Talent Acquisition

Wavelabs India | Hitec City, Hyderabad, IN 500081

Friday 06 September, 2019

By definition, a GIG means a project, task or assignment, for which a person is hired on-demand, and in most cases, by digital or virtual means. Alongside the usual office-based workforce employed on a full-time basis, gig workers are now slowly but steadily becoming an indispensable part of companies of the 21st century, especially in the urban context.

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